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Final Wishes

Advance care planning can ease stress for both cancer patients and caregivers.Source: Final WishesPlease follow and like us.

4 Components of an Effective Exercise Program for Survivors | Cancer.Net

Exercise can be a recovery game-changer. Cancer Exercise Specialist Carol Michaels shares 4 physical activities that can help make recovery easier and faster.Source: 4 Components of an Effective Exercise Program for Survivors | Cancer.NetPlease follow and like us.

Celebrate National Women’s Health Week! May 12-18

It’s National Women’s Health Week! What’s the next step on your health journey? These resources can help you find ideas that are uniquely you. #FindYourHealth #NWHW follow and like us.

What Is Cancer-related Lymphedema?

Some cancer treatments cause swelling in a part of the body. This swelling is called lymphedema. Find out more about lymphedema and what you should watch for.Source: What Is Cancer-related Lymphedema?Please follow and like us.

AICR’s iThrive Plan for Survivors

AICR’s iTHRIVE Plan is designed to help you heal from cancer treatment, reduce risk of recurrence, and achieve optimal wellness. This exciting program helps you put AICR’s Recommendations – and more – into action.AICR’s iThrive Plan follow and like us.