While we believe that the path to survivorship starts at diagnosis, the resources on this page focus mainly on life after treatment.  

What is survivorship?

Once active treatment is completed, patients often have mixed emotions such as joy, anxiety, confusion,  or relief.  There are often physical and psychological after-effects that can linger for weeks or even months after the end of treatment.  Our clinical staff seek to address the physical and emotional well being of our patients as they continue on their journey.

We will establish a written Survivorship Plan for you that includes a summary of your disease and treatment to date.  It will also include when you need to follow up with our providers as well as your other medical providers.  We address wellness issues such as the importance of getting the appropriate cancer screenings, nutrition information, and exercise guidelines.

Depending on your diagnosis and risk of recurrence, you may continue follow up care with our practice for a relatively short time or for many years after treatment.  Our providers use established guidelines to determine the appropriate surveillance for each patient.



The American Cancer Society offers several free online classes for cancer survivors.  Nutrition and Physical Activity After Cancer Treatment ,