Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, June 30th, 2022

Our office will be closed on Monday, July 4 in honor of Independence Day. We will re-open on Tuesday for regular business hours.

Stay safe!

NCCN COVID Vaccine Recommendations

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

The National Comprehensive Cancer network (NCCN) has released updated COVID vaccine guidelines for people with cancer. The current recommendation for most cancer patients is for a total of five shots: three primary and two booster shots.

Click here for the updated guidelines.

NEAGO Presentation

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

Alexandra Steck, a local pre-med student, worked as a clinical research associate with our providers earlier this year. Her presentation, "EFFICACY OF PEMBROLIZUMABIN COMBINATION WITH BEVACIZUMAB AND ORAL METRONOMIC CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE IN THE TREATMENT OF PLATINUM-RESISTANT RECURRENT OVARIAN CANCER: A RETROSPECTIVE OBSERVATIONAL STUDY", was selected for presentation at the annual meeting of the New England Association of Gynecologic Oncologists (NEAGO) held in June 2022.

The presentation can be downloaded below.

New Clinical Trial for BRCA1+ Patients

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

WCCA is very excited to announce the availability of a new clinical trial at our practice for women with the BRCA1 mutation. We are the only practice in the area to offer patients the opportunity to participate in this NRG Oncology study.

NRG-CC008, also known as the SOROCk Trial, is a clinical trial available to a particular group of women with inherited BRCA1 mutations. For these pre-menopausal women, the study is testing whether removal of just the fallopian tubes, with the plan to remove the ovaries at a later time, can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer to the same degree as the usual standard of care of removing both the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Surgical removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes very effectively reduces the risk of ovarian cancer in most women.

Researchers believe that most “ovarian” cancers first begin in the fallopian tubes, suggesting that removing only the fallopian tubes may be as good as removing both the fallopian tubes and ovaries in preventing the development of ovarian cancer, while avoiding surgically induced menopause. This has never been formally tested in a clinical trial. The study will also look at how women on the study feel about their quality of life.

More information about this particular study is located on

June is Pride Month

Monday, June 6th, 2022

Although we celebrate the 53rd anniversary of Pride Month this June, we stand with the LGBTQ+ community year-round.  

The providers and staff of Women's Cancer Care Associates, LLC are committed to addressing issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity. We are dedicated to supporting our patients and their families, our staff and our community through tolerance and  acceptance. We strive to provide quality and compassionate medical care for all.